Head-start program
Habitat enhancement and pond creation

The survival of the hatchlings and juveniles at our rearing station is good, and their growth is also fine. However the question is still if they can adapt to the wild after release. To make it easier for them to adapt, we have created special ponds. These are soft-release ponds at the rearing station, where they can practice hunting in a safe environment, and the ponds we create in the wild, where they will be released. These ponds are rice fields that have been converted back into small ponds or marshes, or deepening and otherwise improving existing ponds along the river. These ponds are safe from high water levels and severe storms. We hope that the juveniles will come back to these ponds once they are adults, to make nests in a safe environment

Dunoy Lake II, the release site for juvenile head-started crocodiles next Dunoy Lake I and near Catalangan River, Inside the Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park

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We create ponds where crocodiles are released back into the wild; they can choose when to leave and start living in the river. They often return to these places in the rainy season during heavy storms.