Head-start program
Nest protection and hatchling collection

The Mabuwaya Foundation established a reward scheme; If someone finds a crocodile nest and reports it to the foundation, that person gets 500 Philippine Peso (equivalent to approximately 12.5 USD or 8.3 Euro) as a reward. Also, later on if the nest hatches, we give a reward to the community fund of 500 Philippine Peso for every live hatchling that came from the nest.
As soon as a nest is found we ask some of the people who live near the nest to guard it. They regularly patrol the area and make sure people do not accidentally destroy the nest. They will also be the ones to be there when the nest hatches.
If the nest is situated in an area where the natural survival is low, we agree with the guards in advance that they will collect the hatchlings and bring them to our rearing station.

Collecting of hatchlings immediately after hatching at Dunoy Lake, San Mariano, in July 2008

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