The Mabuwaya Foundation
The Mabuwaya Foundation aims to protect and conserve the Phlippine crocodile in its natural habitat. Mabuwaya is actively working in the municipalities of San Mariano and Divilacan to conserve the remnant wild populations of the Philippine crocodile that survive here in the wild in the Northern Sierra madre Natural Park and its periphery in northern Luzon. Small populations and scattered individual Philippine crocodiles can also be found on Dalupiri Island north of Luzon and in the municipalities of Palanan, Maconacon, San Guillermo and Benito Soliven in Isabela. Mabuwaya occassionaly works in these areas as well.

The conservation program for the critically endangered Philippine crocodile is implemented in close collaboration with the communities living near to the crocodile habitat and with municipal governments, the provincial government of Isabela and relevant government agencies, especially the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). 

Mabuwaya uses a community-based conservation approach aimed at raising awareness about the Philippine crocodile and local acceptance and participation in crocodile conservation. The conservation program consists of five main components:

1) Communication, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA) Campaigns
2) Research
3) Protection
4) Capacity Building
5) Philippine crocodile population re-enforcement and recovery


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