Research component
Telemetry Study
With the growing Philippine crocodile population in the municipality of San Mariano, There is an urgent need to gather more information about crocodile movements of wild and head-started released crocodiles. Home range size of Philippine crocodiles was unknown as is, therefore, minimal necessary sanctuary size. The aim of this study was to gather reliable scientific information about Philippine crocodile movements and home ranges in San Mariano as a basis for updated localised conservation action plans and Philippine crocodile sanctuaries. 
A total of  seven crocodiles were fitted with a radio transmitter which were monitored in Diwagden cree (October 2008) and in Dinang creek (March 2009). The  three were headstarted juvenile and the other four were wild adult Philippine crocodiles.

The movements of the radio-tagged crocodiles were monitored in the field. Individual crocodile localities were determined using the receiver and antenna and a GPS receiver.

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