San Mariano
Dunoy Lake

Dunoy Lake is a small lake situated inside the Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park. This lake is 0.5 ha and surrounded by secondary forest. The fish that is available in the lake are Tilapia, Mudfish (Dalag) and Catfish (Bangkok). The area serves as nesting site for the Philippine crocodile and shelter for the species during floods. After hatching, the hatchlings stay in the lake until juvenile stage before going to the big river. The lake can support more than 10 individuals. The lake is located about 200 meters away from the Catallangan river.

Dunoy lake can be reached by single motorbike or logging truck. The area is situated in barangay Dibuluan, San Mariano, Isabela. The road going to the area is rough and muddy especially during rainy season and it will take 4 hours to reach the area by hiking.


Activities at the lake

Monitoring of crocodiles
The Mabuwaya Foundation Inc. constructed a tower to be used for monitoring of the crocodile population in the lake. This is very important, so that we can determine when the crocodile is out from the lake and when they are inside the lake, especially during bad weather conditions. This information is needed in designing a strategy for their conservation in their natural habitat in the wild.

Student field visit
In order to promote the image of the Philippine crocodile and to disseminate information on their ecology, we bring students to the habitat of the species so that they will see and learn more and appreciate the importance of the crocodile in the ecosystem.

Release site for Philippine crocodile
The Mabuwaya Foundation created a elease pond in the area for Philippine crocodiles. The foundation has released several juvenile crocodiles in the area. These crocodiles were taken from the wild and kept in captivity for 18 months before they were released back to the wild (see also the head-start program).

Telemetry study
Sub-adult Philippine crocodiles were trapped for a telemetry study. A transmitter for attached to the individuals for monitoring purposes. This is to know the movements of the crocodile in the area and to know where they shelter/hide during bad weather conditions. (see also the research page)

Ecotourism destination
Dunoy Lake is also an ecotourism destination. You can do crocodile and bird watching in the area. Several endemic species of birds and reptiles can be observed in the area, like Philippine Bulbul, Dollar bird, Isabela Oriole and Varanus bitatawa. Several tourists from Europe and UK visited the area for bird watching, like the late Timothy Fisher.

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Dunoy Lake



The students of Development Communication visited Dunoy lake to observe the Philippine crocodile in their natural habitat


The release site that was constructed by the Mabuwaya Foundation that will serve as release pond for the Philippine crocodile


A telemetry study was conducted in Dunoy to see the movements of Philippine crocodile in the area


Tom Dacey visited Dunoy Lake to evaluate the current activities of the project in Dunoy lake