Dicatian, Divilacan, Isabela
Pilot Project Release of captive-bred Philippine crocodile in Dicatian Phil. crocodile sanctuary

On July 31, 2009, 50 sub-adult Philippine crocodiles were released in the Dicatian Lake Philippine Crocodile Sanctuary. The event was implemented by the MFI in collaboration with the DENR, DENR/PWRCC, PAF, PNP, the Provincial Government of Isabela, the LGU of Divilacan and the people of barangay Dicatian.

This is the first release of the captive-bred Philippine crocodile after the government tried to save the animal in cestablishing and captive facility 1987. After the series of community consultations and workshops with the local people and government agencies the DENR, PAMB, LGU, barangay council and people of barangay Dicatian.


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