by Nicolien Pul
Tess visits Kringloop

On March 10, Marites Balbas, community organizer at Mabuwaya, visited the Kringloopwinkel in Ermelo, The Netherlands. She was personally able to thank the volunteers at this organization for sponsoring the CROCS program.

The Kringloopwinkel in Ermelo, a charity shop, is completely run by volunteers. The shop sells old furniture and goods handed in by the residents of this municipality. At the end of each year, the entire profit goes to charity, mainly the local churches. But a part is reserved for smaller projects around the world. The volunteers can recommend projects and at the end of last year Wim Pul, father of a former student at the Foundation, proposed the CROCS program.

Marites, currently in The Netherlands for a project management course, visited the Kringloopwinkel and saw the effort of the volunteers. She was very happy to express her gratitude towards these citizens for sponsoring the CROCS program. Balbas can continue implementing the program to place ‘the Crocodiles in the River and Our Children in School’. The donation of 55,000 peso will probably be spent in Sitio Lumalog in Barangay Cadsalan, San Mariano.

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