How you can help

Help Filipino elementary students to get a better education and a better future; Help provide funds for the rearing of hatchling Philippine crocodiles in the Municipal Philippine Crocodile Rearing Station and foster a link between school children and juvenile Philippine crocodiles.

The Philippine crocodile Crocodylus mindorensis is a critically endangered species on the brink of extinction. The Mabuwaya Foundation is protecting this species and at the same time helping school children get a better education in the municipality of San Mariano. You too can sponsor a crocodile and a school child!

Schoolchildren from the villages where the crocodiles live are brought to the rearing station to help in measuring the crocodiles. The school children will be supported with basic school supplies such as pad paper, bond paper, crayons and pencils. In addition, basic health needs such as a pump well for safe and potable water and a school latrine are constructed.

The school children will adopt and parent a baby crocodile in the rearing station. They will feed and measure the crocodiles during special visits to the rearing station. They will eventually release these crocodiles into the wild. The children will give a name to the crocodile.

With this sponsor project, there will be a strong link between the school children and the crocodiles in San Mariano. The children will learn the importance of protecting the environment including the Philippine crocodile and will eventually be part of all the conservation and protection efforts in the municipality. Education and health of the children will be improved.

Adopt a crocodile and a school kid! Contact the Mabuwaya Foundation for more information

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A final speech by the kids, the naming of their crocodile, and another crocodile is going back into the wild


School kids from San Isidro Elementary measuring 'their' crocodile before releasing it back into the wild


Part of the CROCS program is the supplying of school supplies to the elementary pupils