Communication and education
Information materials

The support of the people living with the crocodiles is the most valuable asset we have to protect this species. Without them, no crocodiles could survive in this human dominated landscapes. To inform people about crocodiles, from households to village officials, the Mabuwaya Foundation, in cooperation with the department of Development Communication of the Isabela State University, produces many forms of information materials.

Every year a calendar is produced and 4000 copies are distributed throughout the crocodile sites, to all households living there.



Flyers aim to inform visitors, sponsors, colleagues and other interested parties on

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Dutch student Jeroen Admiraal created this beautifully illustrated manual on crocodile conservation. 


Manual on crocodile conservation for village and local government officials

In cooperation with the Department of Development Communication of the Isabela State University, we produce many forms of information materials. The storybook below is a great example of such. 


 Storybook for elementary school kids

Annually the students from DevCom create, pre-test and finally produce a poster with a topic related to crocodiles

The 2011 poster:"Living with Crocodiles', for every household in San Mariano and Divilacan where crocodiles live