The crocodile-friendly barangay initiative: strengthening community-based Philippine crocodile conservation project

The Mabuwaya Foundation aims to conserve the critically endangered Philippine crocodile in the Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park on Luzon, the Philippines. The goal of the project is to enhance the capacity of village leaders to conserve critical wetlands and watersheds on which rural communities and crocodiles depend.

The foundation will assist village leaders to develop sustainable wetland and watershed management plans, and integrate these community-based initiatives in land-use planning and policy at the supra-local level. The Philippine crocodile is the flagship species of this community-based approach.

Barangay Land-Use and Comprehensive Land-Use Planning Workshops
The foundation helped seven villages design their barangay land use plans using 3-d model maps. Individual agro- forestry farm plans were designed by the farmers whose lands are located within the crocodile sanctuary buffer zones. These land use plans will be incorporated in the Comprehensive Land Use and Development plans of the municipality of San Mariano.

Delineation of declared crocodile sanctuary areas
Barangay officials through communiity consultations declared crocodile sanctuary areas in their barangay. Rules and regulations are properly discussed and approved by the community members. This is done to strengthen the national laws on the conservation of crocodiles and the wetlands they live in.

Billboards were put in strategic places in the declared crocodile and fish sanctuaries to inform the people about sanctuary rules and regulations.

Crocodile Festive Day
With the community members and partner agencies, a croc festive day was organized where 19 head started crocodiles are released back into the wild. Breeding rewards for six barangays were also awarded during the croc festive day. A crocodile friendly barangay award was also given to barangay with higher participation on crocodile conservation activities.

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Barangay Land-Use Planning Workshop


Billboards installed in Lamag Creek, Disulap San Mariano, Isabela.


Community members posed with their crocodiles before it was released back into the wild. With them is the Ambassador of the Netherlands to Philippines, Robert G. Brinks.


Barangay official from Disulap received their breeding reward during the croc festive day