The Mabuwaya Foundation aims to conserve the Philippine crocodile, other endemic threatened species and their habitat in collaboration with local communities in northern Luzon, the Philippines
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The Philippine crocodile Crocodylus mindorensis is a critically endangered freshwater crocodile. It is endemic to the Philippines. Very few Philippine crocodiles remain in the wild. The Mabuwaya Foundation aims to conserve the Philippine crocodile and its habitat
Philippine crocodile in Disulap River, San Mariano

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The Philippine crocodile still survives in the wild in the foothills of the Northern Sierra Madre Mountains in Northeast Luzon. This area still is home to a large number of endemic and threatened species that have become rare or extinct elsewhere in the Philippines. The Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park in Isabela Province is the largest protected area of the country
The Northern Sierra Madre Mountain Range. © 2008 Merlijn van Weerd