A new breeding season is almost over, and Dinang Creek has had a very productive year! As many as 38 hatchlings were born at this site only, which is almost as many as all of San Mariano in any other year.

All three Philippine crocodile nests that were found along Dinang Creek last June have hatched in July, within a week from each other. From the nests came 10, 14 & 14 hatchlings respectively; for every live hatchling a reward of 500 peso is paid to the village fund, so this year that will amount to 38 x 500 = 19,000 peso (approximately 380 Euro). In order to increase their chances of survival, the hatchlings are collected and reared in captivity. However, not all the hatchlings were brought to the rearing station as they could not all be caught. Several catching attempts resulted in a total of 13 hatchlings collected for the head-start program, and 25 hatchlings were left in the wild. We will continue to monitor them to keep track of their survival rates. The hatchlings to be head-started will be released back into the wild in 2014.

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Collection of hatchlings by Bantay Sanktuwaryo members Marlon (left) and Alvin


The new hatchlings in their new home at the rearing station